Wednesday, February 17, 2016

on to February ... catchin up

this is my circle 365 so far.....
I am so so happy with it and having fun!  Hoping by
December I still am in love with it LOL
(Dunkin seems to like it too! he stares at it ha ha)

My Jan blocks started out with blank blocks for the first week
to show that Jan 1 was on a Fri
Jan 31 is on a Sunday at the end and that is why
the first block of the February rows is a blue background.
it went over the 5 weeks (rows) so 
that is how I solved it

February scrap challenge colors are pink and brown
so that is what I am using for the backgrounds in Feb
love this little teapot and sewing fabric for Feb 1st. 
what is better than tea and some sewing?

and Feb 6th reminds me that Feb 14th is around the corner and 
I need to get my hubs something

so good......
just a few more squares to catch up
then I will be on track for one a day

wish I had a fabric with Presidents on it
for Presidents day
I dont even know if I have anything with the flag

now where is that stash??????

what are YOU up to?
are you working on something fun?

3 comments: said...

Your circles are looking good.

barbara woods said...

love yours and julie Roses ciecles

Julierose said...

Your circles are looking fabulous girl! I took a break--but am thinking perhaps I need to catch up..I have 49 done so far but am WAY behind...I like the pink/brown a lot...altho not doing RSC2016 hugs, Julierose