Friday, February 26, 2016

patio set

this is a picture from the store
of the patio set I got
I got it without cushions
for 240
I thought that was a steal!
I was thinking of putting blue or green cushions on it and putting
it in my screened in porch
but now that I see the red I am not sure
I kind of like the red too!
(**update** I bought the red cushions for the bottom. the tops 
I will make some throw pillows I think and matching
runner for the table)

 I am SO SO happy! I was dancing in the store!!!!
hubs is not thrilled......he doesnt like the wicker look
they are resin so sturdy and heavy so wont tip etc
I think it is a win win and when they are up and out there set
up nicely I think he will change his mind
in the meantime they had a pretty white rocking chair for 49 that I may
go get for him...........
maybe that will make him happy

1 comment: said...

Awe I think it is gorgeous. I like the read, and I think throw pillows is good idea.