Wednesday, February 10, 2016

quilty 365

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I am way behind in this 365 challenge but I have my fabrics picked out. you see, like most of my projects, they get stalled for one reason or another..........

well this one was stalled because even though I LOVED the idea, when I tried to do the math the quilt would be too large for what I wanted it for..........

SO................I decided to combine TWO things and make it reversible.
if I take and make blocks of the circles........January, February etc, I can do 7 across by 5 down or 35 for each month. there will be blocks with no circles representing the blank days for the following or prior month.

the SECOND thing I wanted to do was to incorporate the rainbow scrap challenge into it as well

so.........yeah I know very brainy of me right?  we will see as I go along on this adventure.........
I will use 5 inch BLUE charms for my Jan circles        (I had my circle picks all done but nothing done with them. that is why I was in the scrap bin pawing around finding things hee hee)

Feb circles will be the Feb color etc. ...........genious I tell ya! ha ha

then on the front the squares of months will be around 22.5 x 31 ish if I did the math correctly
(4.5 x 5  and 4.5 x 7)  so it will finish around 60 something  using 6 months for front and 6 for back.

anywho, thats my story and I'm stickin to it.

I will be working on these to catch up and will show my progress from time to time.
Now that I picked out the blue, here is what I have caught up on so far........

I chose 35 blue charms and put them in order of 5 x 7 so I could spread out the colors

selected my circle template
hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

traced the circle on the backside of my chosen fab for the day 
(yeah I can be messy, so what........I am thinking I will 
improve by day 365)

paired the fab face down onto used dryer sheet and stitched on the line

pulled the layers apart and made a slit to turn

slit to turn

turned and finger pressed from inside

my first 7 days of my Jan calendar

and my Fri Jan 1 and Sat Jan 2

see? two cute little circles although not perfect by any means
and that is ok with me.......
I am sewing them on my machine with fancy stitches and may embellish them
as I go down the road 
lots of catching up to do............
but having some fun now that I FINALLY
made a decision!
are you doing the Quilty 365?
It is fun to see everyones circles and interpretation 
of the quilt
My Jan 1st owl is for the smartness of a clean slate for the new year
My Jan 2nd snowman was the missing of snow around here
(boy I wish now I hadn't done THAT! we are getting 8-10 inches grrrrrrrrrr)
oh well.
I guess I had better be more careful when pulling fabric from the stash, huh

3 comments: said...

Cute circles. Sounds like you have a plan.

Julierose said...

sounds perfect, Dawn! I like your circle method--I haven't tried that one yet...snow again--I agree grrrr...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

cute circles , i love any thing Christmas and snowmen