Friday, February 12, 2016

so far lots of progress for Feb

good thing I have lots of progress for Feb
because the ceiling and window guy and floor guy
will be working on my bedroom
I have these tops all ready
to quilt and bind

maybe I should get that done on a few so I have some hand
sewing to do.........

over the next weeks I will be busy with moving furniture
and prepping and painting the bedroom
so that the floor guy can rip up 
the carpet and put in the new floor

we are going with a vinyl product that looks like weathered 
barnboard in gray tones
I LOVE it and hope that it all looks
good together

I want to do a light beigy coffee kind of tone on the walls
I think as my furniture in there is blonde colored
then I will have cool and warm (gray floor and wall)
colors to pick what I want for curtains, bedding etc
I am excited to get it done

but not excited about the anticipated mess
not sure how long the whole process will take
as it involves more than one person
the ceiling he said 2 days
have to rip down and resheetrock
then tape paint etc

windows will probably be another day or so
I need to find a painter OR I will have to do it

but right now we are at the top of the budget
unless I want to eat beans and oatmeal
for a while
we will see how it goes

anyway, if you dont hear from me, I am fine. 
just a little busy with messes.

I will try and post as much as I can as I try and finish up 
some things
2016 is the year for us to "get er done"


Julierose said...

WOW you will be one busy'll need some stressless sewing for sure...good luck hugs, Julierose said...

You are so lucky you can find some people to work on your home. Sheetrock is pretty fast, sometimes the tear out is longer than the install.

barbara woods said...

good luck, hope you have some good fast gus to do it for you