Thursday, March 31, 2016

March finishes

March was a month of a lot of work
but not many finishes
I finished the little quilt
and some pincushions

the rest of the month was spent sprucing up
the bedroom and screen room-
new ceiling, painted walls, new floor
and FINALLY new windows!

and the patio area
(no this is not my house just a pic of my new patio 
set minus the top cushions
mine are just plain paprika red tufted bottoms)
just have to find someone to help me put together 
the table

on to April...............

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

coming up roses

Oh how I love seeing these guys again.
I didnt trim them down last fall so not sure
what I will get

Dunkin is being a brat as usual

hmmm   what is he licking his chops at? deer? 

hmmm   I will just wait here for them..........

Mom  come here quick!

hide me.........

no seriously .........

let me in! 

because this is what I see
It looks like something I can eat
but it is HUGE
and makes funny noises

and LOUD!!!!!

Dunkin and Pheebes are being entertained 
by the local wildlife around here
a group of 20 turkeys has been hanging around
waiting for my feeders to go up
I have not put them up yet...until they leave

and 3 deer too are eyeballing the garden

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

getting closer

this is another one of those blocks that I am making into
the table toppers for the reunion
I will use them as gifts for prizes
for the games we have planned

I quilted the outside in straight lines 
and they made the little squares 
in the corners that I like
an unexpected plus

I quilted the inside very plainly
I may need to quilt it a little more
going to clip my thread and see how I like it a little later

Phoebe was not impressed

so what is a gal to do?
yep..........I played with stripping
and made these little pieces.............

then found more strips to play with
oh boy!

Monday, March 28, 2016

best Easter sale EVA

Easter Sunday I went to Home Depot
because I saw some pansies someone had planted outside
and it reminded me of my Gram
she LOVED pansies  especially with "faces" 
like these

so in my cart they went. when I got to the register the lady
asked me if I had a card and I said no and she
said well if you sign up today
I can take $25 off your order........
hmmm. really? 
(she doesnt know I may never use the card again)
so I had her add them up
and I ended up with 3 pots of pansies
and 3 pots of hyacinths (another fav of mine)
and the total of the bill on my card............
(drumroll please........ 7 dollars
I was dancing in the store
and all giddy 

came home and put them in the ground
before she had a chance to take them back
yes I DID

see my bunny? he is going to be so so cute in
the Spring wit his hyacinths around him
and I KNOW he will love the smell
last year there were wild violets here
and I think I pulled most of them up
trying to make this my "scented" garden
another fav I want in here will be some lavender
eventually I want perrenials that will come up
year after year and show color in 
different sections for the different times
somewhere in here are yellow lillies and a 
yellow rose
and other things too. will have to look
at pics to see what is there and where

and in the front I found out that grassy looking stuff
is not grass at all. I almost pulled it out
it is the cute little grape hyacinths

so I planted the pansies
and said Hi to Gram............
I know she is smiling.......she likes them

I tried to spread them to the other side too
to make it even
those are tulips, daffodils and iris
in there

last year I seperated something.
not sure what as it was only the bulb and no
foliage on it
am hoping it will be happy and show me some
flowers this year

Dads wishing well is in the back with artificial flowers 
for color
but there is a lot popping up
we will see what it is in a few weeks I guess.
don't cha LOVE my Easter bargain????
I was a happy girl for sure!
when I got home the Easter bunny had arrived and left
another of the SAME pansies on my step
who knew the bunny had such GOOD taste! 
I also got a ladybug pin, cookies, Easter mix
and a painted ball jar for tools
LOVE it. I guess I should have played the lottery huh?

giving sweet Phoebe equal time

Dunkin always gets put on the blog.
because he is such a character and brat
but this little sweetie pie should get some exposure too
after all............. look at this sweet face
she is waiting for treats. every morning after they eat
while I am drinking my coffee, I see this sweet face
then if I dont respond, she does not "talk" like Dunkin
she will gently move over to me and tap on my leg
tap tap tap I am here Mom.........
it is so cute
and sweet 
like my Phoebe girls..........

see? trouble maker always looking under the door
that he cant get in
just to see if I am doing something HE wants to do

but my sweet girl.........
she gets up, eats, has her treats, I give her some kisses
and backrubs
and off to sleep with Daddy she goes
I dont know how those positions they get into can be
they are almost a circle! talk about contortionist!

yes he is an angel.........WHEN HE IS ASLEEP  LOL

every once in a while she wants to escape to my sewing room
just to get away from the brat
I have to admit I like to escape too every now and then

so here is equal time for my sweet girl
love that sweetie pie

Sunday, March 27, 2016

this is my new floor

I LOVE my new floor
it is just what I wanted
the ease of vinyl
and the look and feel of old weathered wood

see those "saw marks"
they are textured in it as well

what do you think?

I like the way it goes with the gray too
very nice
dont mind the ugly mirror doors on the closet
or the dust bunnies under the bed

Happy Easter everyone!

have a very Happy Easter!

Saturday, March 26, 2016


got caught up with my daily circles
I had sewing machine issues that I THINK I fixed.
if she acts up again, into the dr she goes
but I am liking this quilt so far
once March is done, the other side of the front gets started
April will go up top beside January

I am trying to look for a special fabric for tomorrow
have not found it yet
but not giving up..........

I also sewed 4 baby doll diapers  they just need the velcro
then into the reunion prize box they go
I am thinking the little girls will love them
do You think I need to make them in sets of 2?
or would 1 be sufficient  tell me your thoughts

and I filled a ton of bobbins to have a 
marathon sewing day
hey a girl can dream right?

what are You up to today besides getting ready 
for the holiday?

I think I just need a diversion......

my mind these days cant stay focused
probably because of the lack of the windows being done
who knows
so what do I do?
I grab teeny tiny pieces
yes, stuff NORMAL people would toss
and I stitch it up into long strips
for my birch tree wanna be quilt
I still have no idea what fabric
or fabrics I will use for the squares
but the birch part I guess will be done
I have quite a few of these started 

then I decided I had better be productive
so I made a little giftie for my neighbors
Jackie already has hers and I delivered her mini quilt
this one is for my other neighbor
her fav cookie is those Tahoes with white macadamias
so this is for her
I had found the Easter ribbon and thought hmmmm
great timing! I can USE it.........

as I was searching and organizing I found these little pieces of leftover bindings
I will keep them all in one container
and stitch them together to make a nice
scrappy binding for a project
just because............

and then I found a container.........hmmmm
what was in it?
squares gifted to me from Vrooman
that I had counted out in groups of 5
and pinned
because I love love love those little cross quilts
and want to make one
so I played just to see how it would go together
I really need a design wall in here so I can keep them out
then I will sew in groups and make either a lap or a little larger quilt
out of them
we will see how far the squares go
I do have quite a few
I think Sharon gifted me her whole sewing room full
of squares and fabric! they are the squares that keep on giving
for sure! You have NO idea how many things I made with them
all the zippy bags (about 20), the 16 patches, put some in here
for a plus quilt, and odds and ends like pieces
for my 365 challenge etc.
and that was only the 2 1/2 inch ones!
I have 3 1/2 inch squares waiting to play with!
I think I will sew them willy nilly as leader enders for HST
and make 2 out of 2 squares by sewing either side of the middle line
I am wanting to make a tree of life type quilt
and that will be a perfect way to sew those many many
HST that are needed
then I will trim down to the size I need

see? this container is full of pinned blocks of 5
ready to go
I did EVERYTHING BUT what I need to do

But I feel good so that is all that matters right?
(hey I ran out of Calgon so no nice bubble baths to take me away)

Friday, March 25, 2016

friends can be funny

my friend- whose name I won't mention Jackie!
saw something on pinterest
well it was a beautiful Easter egg table topper
you cut out an egg shape back
and batting
and then layer it backing with right side down, batt on top
then you cut strips and sew them quilt as you go style on top
when done you bind and voila~
a cute egg topper for your table

Do I have time for this? um NO
Am I having anyone over for Easter? um NO
but what did I do?

I pulled strips for not ONE but TWO colorways.
one more pastel colors and one leaning toward brights

oy vey!
not sure if these will get done for Easter but I guess 
small things amuse small minds
like choosing fabrics for MORE projects LOL

oh yeah almost forgot.
the pink and blue from yesterday is 
not for baby twins
or even for babies
and not for the cats (that was a great
guess by the way)

its for sewing mats I need to finish
yeah ANOTHER one I found and didnt 
finish up
I think I needed more blue squares to make
the pocket
then I was going to sew BOTH of them together
and get them done
maybe after Easter

Thursday, March 24, 2016

blue and pink

blue and pink

hmmm what will these be?
betcha its not what you think.........

or is it?
I know I am such a tease.....LOL