Wednesday, March 2, 2016

365 (366) circle quilt progress

this is my 365 circle quilt. when I started out on this
project I never knew how fun it would be

as I choose a fabric for my circles each day
and then sew down a few and then join the rows
it gives time to reflect on my moods, and also
allows me to feel like something even this small
was accomplished this adding a simple circle

some like the teapot and sewing notions tells me that was
a marathon sewing day.........

others are just plain reflecting for
maybe a dreary rainy day
yellow for a hint of sun

my background squares are all different. I am using the 
colors from soscrappy's RSC16 for those
January is all blue
Feb is pinks and browns
Mar is purple- I have my March 1st block done
but not photographed yet
I am planning on putting Jan-Feb-Mar on the left 
going top to bottom
then Apr-May-June on the right of it
then the other months on the back of the quilt to fit them all in
my rows are 7 wide for the month and start with Sunday
at the very top you can see 5 empty squares. that is
because Jan 1st started on a Fri
each month will have 5 rows down more or less
and they will merge with the color of
the previous month
see the 6th row down? it starts with blue for Jan 31 on a Sun
then brown for Feb 1 on a Mon
that is how I am doing it for now

this little guy represents my sons birthday on feb 18th
isnt it funny how his number is 81? or 18 backwards

and the hearts for valentines day and look how cool that 
"rainy" fabric is
it had been raining all week and very dreary
love love love this project
and love seeing everyone elses interpretation
linking up with quiltyfolk
so you too can enjoy them all.


Charlene S said...

Your 365 circle are looking fantastic. I enjoy seeing how your week went via the circles.

Marle said...

What a nice calendar! I love your circles and nice fabrics.

liniecat said...

Fantastic! I adore your sons birthday circle, that fabric was clearly fated to be there for his birthday lol
Love the colour combo you've chosen so far.

Quilting Babcia said...

Your circles are certainly going to be a diary of your year. And your quilty inspector is looking forward to a soft cuddly resting place!

Nancie said...

I like how you chose to use a different color fabric for each month on your block backgrounds. Great idea.

Debbie said...

Fun circles.....isn't this a great project!

audrey said...

Thanks for linking up! These are great.:) said...

I like the rainy fabric too. And I think your choice for your son's birthday was great.

Ema N said...

Love that teapot and sewing notions fabric! So fun to see how you matched fabric to what's happening in your day.
P/S: thanks for your comment on my Quilty 365!

Heather said...

Great idea to use the RSC colours for your backgrounds