Friday, March 11, 2016

365 challenge

Oh my
is anyone doing the 365 challenge quilt?

find it here

I stumbled across it on the internet and fell in love with it
could it be all the blues?

they instruct you to make ONE BLOCK a day for 365 days
YES they are teeny tiny
that first dark blue border is made up of like 90 something  3 inch blocks
for Jan-Feb and Mar's daily blocks

how fun!
yeah I am a nutcase for sure.
but I saved the directions........
because I am crazy like that

the first block sucks you in......
how easy are 3 strips sewn into a 3 inch rail block?
cut 3 strips  1 1/2 x 3 1/2
and sew them........
she then progressively gets harder and harder blocks
a great way to hone your skills!

that first block may be as far as I get LOL
I MAY want to do it for next year........
Or try and catch up later hee hee
I CERTAINLY have all the blue fabrics I need!
wouldnt it be great in other colors too?
red? greens? 
I think the secret is the darks have to be dark and the others light to medium
I guess April is the center area so by April you have the center and first blue border
how many days are there in March?
and how many hours is that?
who needs to sleep anyways............

is anyone else as crazy as me????


Vroomans' Quilts said...

This didn't appeal to me at all - and I do tiny. Some blocks just don't do well worked this small and will drive you nuts. And think of all those seams to try and quilt thru! said...

I think it is a pretty quilt, and I will admit that I have been saving the patterns,but I am probably not going to do the quilt. I agree with Sharon too many small parts which are getting more intricate.