Monday, March 28, 2016

best Easter sale EVA

Easter Sunday I went to Home Depot
because I saw some pansies someone had planted outside
and it reminded me of my Gram
she LOVED pansies  especially with "faces" 
like these

so in my cart they went. when I got to the register the lady
asked me if I had a card and I said no and she
said well if you sign up today
I can take $25 off your order........
hmmm. really? 
(she doesnt know I may never use the card again)
so I had her add them up
and I ended up with 3 pots of pansies
and 3 pots of hyacinths (another fav of mine)
and the total of the bill on my card............
(drumroll please........ 7 dollars
I was dancing in the store
and all giddy 

came home and put them in the ground
before she had a chance to take them back
yes I DID

see my bunny? he is going to be so so cute in
the Spring wit his hyacinths around him
and I KNOW he will love the smell
last year there were wild violets here
and I think I pulled most of them up
trying to make this my "scented" garden
another fav I want in here will be some lavender
eventually I want perrenials that will come up
year after year and show color in 
different sections for the different times
somewhere in here are yellow lillies and a 
yellow rose
and other things too. will have to look
at pics to see what is there and where

and in the front I found out that grassy looking stuff
is not grass at all. I almost pulled it out
it is the cute little grape hyacinths

so I planted the pansies
and said Hi to Gram............
I know she is smiling.......she likes them

I tried to spread them to the other side too
to make it even
those are tulips, daffodils and iris
in there

last year I seperated something.
not sure what as it was only the bulb and no
foliage on it
am hoping it will be happy and show me some
flowers this year

Dads wishing well is in the back with artificial flowers 
for color
but there is a lot popping up
we will see what it is in a few weeks I guess.
don't cha LOVE my Easter bargain????
I was a happy girl for sure!
when I got home the Easter bunny had arrived and left
another of the SAME pansies on my step
who knew the bunny had such GOOD taste! 
I also got a ladybug pin, cookies, Easter mix
and a painted ball jar for tools
LOVE it. I guess I should have played the lottery huh?

4 comments: said...

Wow you made a haul. I love pansies.

Charlene S said...

Your garden makes me want to plant.

Julierose said...

Loving those pansy faces--I got a bowl of hyacinths from my DIL yesterday and they are now on
my dining table--after the rain end i will plant them in our new front garden where we can enjoy the beautiful aroma and purple color....hugs, Julierose P.S. Your little garden bunny is SO cute...

barbara woods said...

i love flowers that come up every year