Thursday, March 10, 2016

can anyone make more hours in the day for me please?

As I look around I see all the projects I really need to focus on
This little flag piece has 4 of these flags
that I need to make into a placemat set
they will go into the reunion box for a pirze
it SHOULD be a quick project
find a back, layer with batt, sew and turn
I dont think I am going to make binding on this one
just a simple quilted star
maybe a wavy quilting in the stripe areas
and stars in the star area
we will see

and I realized if I dont plant these soon I wont have them ready to plant outside
I bought them last Fall and forgot about them
good thing I clean in here now and then LOL
so I need to get crackin and put these in the window
in my sewing room away from the cats

oh yeah and I need to make a couple of knitted dishcloths too
a gal was going to help me with them
but I never got to drop off the yarn
and now she is busy 
so it is on me
guess I better drink more coffee or take 
some of that 5 hr energy!
time is a ticking

3 comments: said...

If you can make happen will you share with me? Darn housework, and working take valuable time up. :D

Jayne Honnold said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but with the time change coming this weekend, you are going to LOSE an hour! Oh dear!!

barbara woods said...

we will lose one hour of quilting time this weekend