Wednesday, March 2, 2016

dreary kinda day

this is what it looks like at 6 am today
dreary and rainy and wet
wish I could stay home and sew
but I have to go to work..........


but these little cuties made me smile
a  pretty little white flower in front
of my bunny in the garden

why am I taking pics you ask? well, 
as I was getting dressed for work Dunkin and I heard a thunk
so I grabbed the camera and ran outside
to see what it was
(I know, what was I thinking?)
I thought it was the neighbors cat who likes to harrass Dunkin
knowing that Dunks cant get to him from inside

but instead I took pics of this gloomy day
and the bright spot I found.

Happy Wednesday!
today is wacky Wednesday at our local grocery store
what is that you ask?
well, once a month, the first Wed of the month,
they have a few items with wacky prices.

today is chicken leg quarters .49/lb
1 lb strawberries  1.79
sliced Virginia ham 2.99/lb
Friendlys ice cream 1.88 1/2 gal
Maxwell house coffee 2/4.00
nutrigrain bars 1.79
and a mystery item

the mystery item makes you wander the store (to spend more LOL)
to find what it is
sometimes it is laundry soap for .88
sometimes raisin bread for .88
it is usually ALWAYS a good deal!
you know where I will be after work! hee hee
have a wonderful wet and wacky wednesday!


Charlene S said...

I like your bright spot pictures. Did you ever find out what went thunk? Wacky Wednesday sound interesting. said...

Hmmm I am with Charlene what was lurking outside? Is that a snowdrop? You are wet, we are icy.

barbara woods said...

the rain moved out here over night but i a few things blooming , not much yet