Monday, March 28, 2016

giving sweet Phoebe equal time

Dunkin always gets put on the blog.
because he is such a character and brat
but this little sweetie pie should get some exposure too
after all............. look at this sweet face
she is waiting for treats. every morning after they eat
while I am drinking my coffee, I see this sweet face
then if I dont respond, she does not "talk" like Dunkin
she will gently move over to me and tap on my leg
tap tap tap I am here Mom.........
it is so cute
and sweet 
like my Phoebe girls..........

see? trouble maker always looking under the door
that he cant get in
just to see if I am doing something HE wants to do

but my sweet girl.........
she gets up, eats, has her treats, I give her some kisses
and backrubs
and off to sleep with Daddy she goes
I dont know how those positions they get into can be
they are almost a circle! talk about contortionist!

yes he is an angel.........WHEN HE IS ASLEEP  LOL

every once in a while she wants to escape to my sewing room
just to get away from the brat
I have to admit I like to escape too every now and then

so here is equal time for my sweet girl
love that sweetie pie

3 comments: said...

Awe she is a sweetheart.

Julierose said...

What a lovely gal she is...she just looks calm and sweet...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

we have two dogs , one laid back and one hiper