Monday, March 21, 2016

heading up to Easter

This was last years daffodils in front 
they were so pretty and tons of them

I also had some red tulips inbetween
that were pretty too

Hey I think that is the Easter bunny!
yeah he must be hiding eggs for me
hope that they have money in them
instead of chocolate hee hee

I love this pic of him last year
the little grape hyacinth
was so so cute

I need to plant some hostas under this tree
I think they will fill in better
and look nicer

and these pots all need to be filled and placed
and probably fertilized. I was not happy with the 
amount of tomatoes or green peppers
and they should have produced more

these guys were gorgeous too
I am lucky a gardener lived here before me
she had some beautiful flowers for sure
as we head up to the Easter holiday
I hope that everyone is getting all 
their preparations done
to enjoy the new birth of the Spring
everything has risen!

I just hope the ten inches of snow dont prevent
a pretty showing of flowers.......


Julierose said...

Snowing like craze (!!) here--hopefully my daffs will survive...hope to put in crocus for next the purple and yellow ones...hugs, Julierose said...

Isn't it wonderful to have pictures to remind you that spring is on its way, especially after a long gray winter.

barbara woods said...

We are all abloom down here.