Wednesday, March 9, 2016

here a scrap there a scrap everywhere a scrap scrap......

this little guy is made of 1 inch and under strips
 said it......that is the size
I couldnt bear to throw them away
I know, I know.......
but this will be a cute strip to cut into
my birch tree strips
for my next project in the wings

see some of the strings and things hanging out?
yeah, I stitch them up when I get a chance and throw 
them into a container
I will wait until I get a bunch of them ready
to start on a birch tree quilt

and some with larger scraps just kind of
grow their own way
to be made later
into a zip bag or potholder
or even a quilt block
depends on my mood
for now I just grab and sew
and make a bigger piece

then I find things like this.....
when did the quilting elves cut these out for me?
really?  How can I NOT remember cutting these?
(don't answer that!) did you cut them Jackie?
they are all ready to sew into some pretty
all reds and greens and whites
very Christmasy
good thing.... because after the reunion projects I may
need some projects to fill the Christmas box!

I also make mug rugs with my scraps
these Valentine scraps
were calling to me so I made
one for me and one for my friend
love that little tumbler dont you?

I picked out blue tumblers (I dont have any blue fabrics
at all.......nope not me.......lying through my teeth!)
but I love this for my table
so old fashioned looking and fun!
why is it when you are trying to space
the like tumblers apart they always find each other?
Murphy's law I guess

and other scraps that were hanging out
for years..........I mean YEARS
some of these fabrics I swear my MOM had
and she passed away in 1989
so I made a lap quilt out of them
this pic doesnt show it finished 
but it is and I use it at work in the winter
as I have to open and shut the window all day
long as I give the truck drivers their weight 
it keeps me comfy cozy........
it is now on the back of the couch and come
a few weeks it will be washed and put away
till next Fall/Winter season

I also use scraps to make zippy bags.
these were strips my friend had and sewed
and I was either gifted them or stole them
(not sure Jackie!)
but I made zippy bags out of them
this one is a good size for a tablet

and I just love the cows on this zippy bag
love to play in my scraps.......
and make useful things
what are YOU making out of your scrap pile?

by the is National False Teeth day! who knew?

1 comment: said...

I am still making tumblers. I think that one little pouch you gifted to me. :D