Wednesday, March 9, 2016

its amazing how much a sewing room can hold

every day when I am looking for something I come across
something else
yep.........a baggie of presewn coin strips
marked 5 inch coins
I probably was going to make a quilt with 
coin strips and an applique strip
I love those quilts!
but nope.........not in the cards as they say
it never saw the light......
so what to do? hmmmmm
I did start some other strips with smaller scraps
to make a birch tree quilt
I figure if I make the blocks big enough
I should only need like 12

see? strips and partial strips already sewn
ready to cut up into smaller sections
and make some birch fun

see how cute? paisley and flowers and dots
now the problem is what kind of background?
do I make it all the same?
or each block different?
I may need to make each block different
because of all the variety of fabrics used in here

I gave away my gray piece to my niece
that would have been a nice background
so maybe I will take some solids
and solid looking fabrics
and cut out some 16 inch blocks and play
I figure I will cut small strips of the pieced fabrics
and then slit the 16 inch block and insert the piece.
then slit in another spot and insert another piece
until I have 2 or 3 per block
then square up all the blocks to the same size
and see where it lands
thats THIS years plan anyway..........
lets see how I do

3 comments: said...

I am afraid of my sewing room. Dh wants me to move it upstairs after we finish the room which we were going to put the boys in. Same exact size, slightly different layout, but oh so much stuff.

barbara woods said...

I found a lot of things when i moved my sewing room!

Julierose said...

I don't even really KNOW what is in my room (GASP!!) mostly i look for stuff and can't find it when i want it--but come across it after the need has gone away!! Hugs, Julierose