Thursday, March 10, 2016

longing to see these friends again........

the first year I was here this little yellow rose
had ONE flower........
just ONE........
so I cut it back and crossed my fingers
and talked to it and gave it some banana peels
and coffee grounds
and I guess it was happy because last year it looked like this!
yep! FULL of buds and flowers.........
hopefully this year will  be even better

and this clematis bloomed so nicely
but the white one that JulieRose gave me didn't
not sure if it died or if it is not old enough yet
so will see this year what is going on
it is hard to tell as I put the white one on the left
and the purple on the right and my idea
was to intertwine them on this black metal
frame so that the colors would mix
maybe they didnt get along
not sure...........hoping to see the
white one soon............

and need to think of how I will pot this up 
again this year
I was pleased with it but there is a lot of sun
that side of the house
so the impatiens didnt do well later on
maybe more of the herbs and some pansies
or a sun loving kind of flower will be better
It made a nice splash of color on the patio for sure

and this bunny is looking for some lillies
and flowers too.
those are the glads in the back
I didnt dig up the bulbs so I dont think they will be back
I am trying little by little to put in 
perennials so that I can just enjoy them
but until the garden is filled I will fill in some
color with annuals as I go
then I can better decide color etc for the permanent
missing digging in the dirt.......
what is that saying?
you can take the girl off the farm but 
not take the farm outta the girl?

yep! that's ME!  gotta dig in the dirt......
if I had a choice between doing dishes inside and
digging in the flower bed outside
the flowers would win every time!
missing my garden friends.........

2 comments: said...

I was thinking that I need to get some seedlings started for the garden too. I did start collecting coffee grounds and banana peels though.

barbara woods said...

i planted roses one year and they all changed to the red color , i found out later that they do that hope your flowers don't