Thursday, March 31, 2016

March finishes

March was a month of a lot of work
but not many finishes
I finished the little quilt
and some pincushions

the rest of the month was spent sprucing up
the bedroom and screen room-
new ceiling, painted walls, new floor
and FINALLY new windows!

and the patio area
(no this is not my house just a pic of my new patio 
set minus the top cushions
mine are just plain paprika red tufted bottoms)
just have to find someone to help me put together 
the table

on to April...............

3 comments: said...

Your windows were finally installed? Hip, hip, hooray! You got many things accomplished.

Jayne Honnold said...

Summing up, you had a very productive March! Wonder what's in store for April!!?

barbara woods said...

glad you finally got your windows just in time for it to snow again, hugs