Saturday, March 26, 2016


got caught up with my daily circles
I had sewing machine issues that I THINK I fixed.
if she acts up again, into the dr she goes
but I am liking this quilt so far
once March is done, the other side of the front gets started
April will go up top beside January

I am trying to look for a special fabric for tomorrow
have not found it yet
but not giving up..........

I also sewed 4 baby doll diapers  they just need the velcro
then into the reunion prize box they go
I am thinking the little girls will love them
do You think I need to make them in sets of 2?
or would 1 be sufficient  tell me your thoughts

and I filled a ton of bobbins to have a 
marathon sewing day
hey a girl can dream right?

what are You up to today besides getting ready 
for the holiday?

3 comments: said...

After yesterday. I am sewing. How many little girls are you going to have roughly and do they like baby dolls?

sunny said...

Your circles are coming along nicely. I knew I would never keep up with that one! I'm cleaning and baking a cake today. Company tomorrow.

barbara woods said...

company coming so clean and cook today, or get started cooking, cake in the oven and tea made