Sunday, March 13, 2016


How did Yankee candle get my email?
Did you give it to them????? LOL

well they tempted me
and taunted me
and twisted my arm
and threatened to kill my firstborn
(well, not really but it sounded good)

until I PURCHASED something
and of course they offered FREE things
and HALF PRICE things

and before you know it
this black candle holder was in my cart

along with two of these citron candles, 
2 of  green grass scented
and an April showers one
and some car scents for good measure

I want the black candle holder for my patio area
(it holds 2-3 candles depending on size)
that thing is huge
but I love it

It will look so nice as I am burning my citron candles
to keep away the buggaboos

and green grass?
who doesnt love the smell of freshly mowed lawn?

mmmmmmm   ahhhhhhhhhhh
can I sit here and smell this all day?

2 comments: said...

If I ever start a business I am going to make sure you are on my mailing list. Lovely lantern though.

barbara woods said...

I like what Collette said. i went to a quilt show yesterday and won a candle called cotton. Do you think it might work if i just smelled that instead of buying fabric?