Thursday, March 3, 2016

the things you find when you clean your sewing room

I found a bag of some 12 inch blocks
that were gifted to me
the recipient won them in a quilt guild lotto
but isnt a fan of yellow and blue
she knows I am......LOL

there are 15 blocks but there are groups of same fabric
used in the blocks and it is hard
to set them out for a quilt
I thought.........
(yeah I know that is dangerous)
maybe I can make some table toppers
so I took them out
and played with arrangement
I kind of like this star one.

then I placed the blue edges in the center
this one is nice too

then every other 
I also like this one
so back in the baggie you go my pretties
my head hurts just trying to figure something out
I guess they weren't ""talking to me""
maybe later on I will see if a runner would be better

2 comments: said...

Those are such cool blocks. With 15 that is tough. But you could make 3 different table toppers. Then a runner with 3. Score for the reunion box!

barbara woods said...

love those, what is that block called do you know