Monday, March 14, 2016

these guys are next

I have my purple backgrounds all picked out
and the circles ready to go
I know they dont look like circles with that point
but once i sew on the line
and trim and turn
they will resemble one

this is a weeks worth to catch up on

that is the beauty of this project
if I pick my fabrics each day
I can power sew them all up when I get
a chance and catch up

makes me feel like I accomplished something LOL
and No I dont think I am doing green for St Pats day
I have no neat green shamrock fabrics so will 
just pick a fab to reflect my mood

still having fun with this one
hope it lasts!
by joining the rows already I have one fourth almost done
the front will be Jan Feb Mar
then Apr May Jun

so once March is done the first quarter of the quilt will be also!

I just have to see how the days work out.
it will be an odd number so I am thinking
that some months will have the blank squares
we will see the further along I go......

2 comments: said...

Can't wait to see your circle blocks.

barbara woods said...

it will take a lot of those, is it every day of the year?