Tuesday, March 22, 2016

this is how we will probably spend Easter

our furniture will probably still be in the living room
for Easter
told my son no egg hunt or Easter this year
as it is hard enough to walk in here
never mind with two active boys
running around
I will really go off the deep end! LOL

but on the brighter side..........
I dont have to look at this any more
not in the bedroom anyway.........

and this ugly dark panelling

is now a pretty light soft gray
and soothing to look at
the room looks bigger and brighter!

and I love the new bedspread too!
I guess I need to look at the positive
instead of the fact that we have been waiting since FEB
for the windows and floor!
hoping this is done soon 
and becomes just a faded memory

I know I dont want to renovate anything
else very soon! 

the window guy "promised" again to come today. 
we will see
I don't believe him anymore.
the floor is in
and so beautiful
I will take a picture later so you can see
it is a vinyl product that looks like old
weathered barnwood.
it even has texture on the top like
the saw marks

if I only had windows.....
then I could get my shades and curtains up


Julierose said...

Oh everything is looking so nice in your home--hope that window guy sees his way clear to come today for you... good luck hugs, Julierose

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

OK I am going to assume you have a contract with him. What does it say about installation after receipt of the ordered windows? By now I would say, you need to refund all of my money I am done with you.

barbara woods said...

good luck dear