Monday, March 7, 2016

what the heck is zakka?

I got this book from a bloggy friend
and it has the coolest projects inside
it is called zakka style

and Lookie!  something to make with my teeny tiny scraps!
block magnets
how sweet are these?
they are small little quilt blocks

be still my heart..........

I already love the directions.........
Cut squares of linen 1 inch x 1 inch it
hee hee

cut 5 of one fabric
and 4 of the other   I dont have linen so I chose a small piece
that was hanging out of my scrap basket
hey, don't judge........

and I made a 9 patch
isnt it adorable?
I mean really, a teeny tiny 9 patch
they tell you next to batt and quilt it
then back and flip it while
putting a magnet strip inside
I just may put mine on the outside
with some hot glue
just sayin........
but I like it so far......
something purty saved from the trash
next will be onto the pinwheel or rail......

or this little pretty.
I love them!
have to decide though if I love them because 
of the linen insert or not
will have to play in my scraps
and see what moves me
they made them monochromatic 
so I may do the same.......

so what exactly is "zakka"?
it says it is a Japanese term meaning many things
all about little things that improve your home 
and appearance
Yep that little magnet is Zakka alright
it is little and will improve the sight on the fridge
with some quilty fun!
Do YOU have any teeny tiny scraps?
do YOU zakka?

note: I have since turned this into a tiny quilt
see my blogpost from yesterday

2 comments: said...

Cute love the idea of the magnets.

barbara woods said...

love little things to do