Monday, April 4, 2016

365 circle quilt

It is fun to see this quilt grow
I started with blue background squares for Jan
to match soscrappy's rainbow challenge
and kept up in January pretty well
I then decided that I would also make it 
look like a calendar to easily tell
what day was what

then Feb brought pink and brown
so I used them for the backgrounds
and used a few fun novelties here and there
I am trying to use the stash as well

March brought purples
a color I didnt think I had much of
I did have a few issues getting enough of them
spaced far enough apart from each other

and I think I am further along than this
but need to catch up

the color for April is orange
I am in real trouble now! 

orange is not a color in my stash
at all!
my friend is going to let me peruse her stash
to see if I can find some that I want to use
in exchange for some buttons

aren't quilty friends the best?

My quilt will have Jan-Feb-Mar down the left front side
to the right of it will be Apr-May-June

I decided to use 5 rows of 7 to represent 5 weeks in 
a month (some days only a couple etc)
and hopefully it will work out in the end
for the end of the year to be on the back

I would like all my circles to stay in the same quilt
and it is so fun to choose a fabric daily
I have my circles chosen but can not
go forward until I find some orange.

orange- who knew??? wonder what color October will bring???
I would have thought March would be green
and April maybe pastels or something like that

linking up with quilty folk

check out the awesome circle quilts that 
are being made out of this one small idea
and all the different takes on it

inspiration for sure!

7 comments: said...

Julierose may have some oranges too. I have a few, but it may necessitate some stash acquisition.

Julierose said...

I do have some oranges--if you'd like, Dawn..I will check it out...your circles are looking great....hugs, Julierose

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I don't do orange either. I had a sweet blogger send me some FQs a couple of years ago (yes, 2 years ago) - and I am still cutting little bits off of those for this month.

Quilting Babcia said...

Not much orange in this stash either I wonder why because I really like orange!

barbara woods said...

thats the reason i am not doing this one is lack of colors

Sherrie said...

Beautiful circles. I'm doing the color one too, only I'm not using my circles. But making something else. I have to catch up as I just found her site. Have a great day!

audrey said...

Lovely to see all the different colors and backgrounds!