Friday, April 8, 2016

fly on the wall

Have you ever heard of the fly lady?  I used to follow her years ago.
she has a blog and she talks about how to get rid of clutter

so I told hubs the other day that we needed to follow some steps to get back to where
we wanted to be

everything that we have is stuffed here and there (and to think we downsized two times before coming here)  our cooking style is different, our relaxing style is different and my working schedule is different. I am overloaded to the max and need to make manageable chunks of time to get things done.

so yesterday after work we "played a game". we were to each find 20 things to throw away or give away.
I found 19 and promptly threw them out. hubs put stuff in his closet. LOL  BUT I feel good that we tackled an area and started the process. as we go along (the massive cookbook collection is next) it will feel good to have a place for everything and everything in its place.

if only I could apply this to my sewing room, maybe I would have a showroom LOL

wish me luck as we  downsize 33 years of stuff.........some that is no longer needed
or loved

I dont want to leave a ton of stuff for the kiddos to have to clean through. we went through
it enough times with hubs brother and moms things and even my moms things
and it is tough to have to go through that process.

this weekend another thing I want to "throw out" is the contractor
he had the nerve to come back unannounced as hubs was sleeping and
bang on windows over his head to finish them
(why would we think he was coming back- its only a week or more later)
anywho,he had the nerve to tell me I owe him additional 300 dollars as 
he bought wood etc etc. 
he left receipts for I called the jerk
I said one of your receipts is dated Dec. I didnt even HIRE you 
until Feb    this is NOT my bill!
so he and I will have a talking to on Sat and he WILL sign my contract
paid in full and get his you know what outta here
He said I will be over to fix the ceiling and paint
I said no you wont. we are DONE.........
my new motto


Julierose said...

We are STILL cleaning out stuff, too. I agree, it is hard to throw stuff--we have Mom n' Dad's stuff from so long ago that we don't outta here!! Hugs, Julierose said...

Isn't that tough to do? DH and I do it about every 6 months, go through and weed out stuff to sell at the sale. Which is coming up in May.

barbara woods said...

you go girl 1 tell him off!