Friday, April 29, 2016

just a normal Friday night

just a normal Friday around here
sewing and playing in the stash hee hee
I SHOULD be working on other things...........
ahem. but my friend had a project in mind for me
so I played along
choosing some reds and greens and white
I thought for a minute it may be a
Christmas project

first we marked the diagonals on the white
and one of the greens
matched them all up with the red and greens
and stitched a quarter away from each side of the line

like this......then cut on the line
to make some HST
trim them up to 2 inches

and lay them out with the other squares like this
I should have had more variety so I could move them
around more but hey
I was playing remember?

then the leaves at the top
they were a bit of a challenge
for this old brain
I had to rip out a row
but got it straightened out

this is the one from the webpage
not too bad
I decided if I do more of these I need more 
variety in fabrics
and maybe darker leaves

check it out at skyberries
here is the link

go on.
you KNOW you want to make one

I am thinking this will make such
an adorable hotpad 
OR an end on a runner