Sunday, April 17, 2016

love my bloggy friends

my bloggy friend Collette  sent me this surprise
package of some orange for my circles
it came at a good time since I was having major
issues with the window guy again

thanks Collette! I will have a part of you in my quilt too!

not much quilting going on but I am cleaning
and purging
some clothes and things I dont wear or need anymore

then I HAD to touch fabric
so I cut out some blades for a kite centerpiece
hee hee  
if I make a years worth for niece it will come in handy

and in the quiet of early morning I managed to make
four wish bracelets for the reunion prize box

slow slow Sunday and I am enjoying it

3 comments: said...

Hope the window saga is over and life gets back to normal. Hope you like the oranges....a girl can never have to many fabric colors.

Julierose said...

Hope you can (ahem) "close the window" on that nutcase!! Have fun sewing...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

enjoy your day, don't let nutty window man ruin it for you