Sunday, April 3, 2016

tell me this is a professional job

tell me that this is a professional job
this is how he left us
windows are in 
the WRONG windows
I PAID for Harvey windows
I got PELLA windows
BIG difference in both feel and price!

looks nice huh?
he has no plan to come back and paint it
I blasted him out and he told me to take off the
last $525 dollars that I would owe him at the end
Yeah! You betcha!

look at this!  they didnt even tape!
they got paint EVERYWHERE
thank goodness the floor went in AFTER
or I think I would be blogging from jail
My blood pressure must have been
over 2000 with steam coming out my head

really?  WHO DOES THIS???
AS A professional?

I think he is a pathological liar
and doesnt know what he is doing

I could go on and on
this is my half painted light switch
yeah, how am I going to get that outta there?

and this is white paint
that he got on my gray paint
when he put the windows in
yeah he painted the inside only
most people paint the boards before they
install them

not this dipstick
see?  I get that curtains will probably cover it
not the point
to paint
I could have done a better job!

yeah  I stepped back to take this pic and you can 
still see it
nice huh?

and more on the other light
who paints without taping it off?

thank goodness he is not coming back
I would go to jail for sure for MURDER!
am I wrong?  is this the way people do things today?
I'd like to think not.
the floor guy was so neat and professional

this guy made a mess, borrowed our drill,ladder and
caulk gun
left crap all over for us to fall over
KNOWING that my husband is disabled

real professional for sure


sunny said...

You need to report him to the BBB. Won't help you much, but it might deter someone in the future from hiring him!

Julierose said...

I agree with Sunny's comment for sure--this guy is a disaster...what a nightmare--no wonder your BP went up. In no way is that a professional job!! Hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

Report him , you could have done it better

barbara woods said...

Report him , you could have done it better said...

I am sorry he did such a shoddy job. How frustrating.