Monday, April 11, 2016

the credit card was busy again

my credit card was busy but not with stash enhancements..........LOL
I was busy too.
I started my next section of the circles quilt for Apr-May-June
April starts out the week with 5 blank squares and two circles

I used the matches for Apr 1st to represent
the "fire" we all have at the beginning of a new month
new ideas and ready to play!

then I did up to April 5th   
the 5th is the music...........
to represent the day I was born! LOL
or singing happy birthday (more like it)

loving it so far but
have to realize not many fabs look good with orange
I may need to make some blue circles
as these are all "light"

the credit card was busy as I saw some cute
bracelets for my 5 nieces
so I got 6 of these
why 6? because one is for ME

it says the love between aunt and niece is forever

it was supposed to be for their birthdays
but I already gave one out
so will need to give out the rest too

I love my nieces! all 5 of them!  we had no nephews
except the great nephew
and the sun rises and sets on his little head
as it should
he is a special little guy that we all love and adore

(dont mind my sparkly polish.
I was looking for a different look so did
clear with a glitter polish)

am trying to see new ideas etc as I may give out
ten manicures for Mothers Day to recipients
here where I live as a special treat

we will see..........

and beth of love laugh quilt

4 comments: said...

Yeah orange is a tough color. Looking good though.

Julierose said...

Orange is well....soo orange. I find it hard also...I like your blue circles on it....hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

love you circles and sparkley finger nails

Bonnie said...

I love the orange background. I've been using bits of orange in my scrap quilts and love the pop they give.