Thursday, April 21, 2016

this little piggy went to market.............

I spent a bit cutting some of the felt into piggys
don't they look cute all together?

the stitching on them should be quick too
just the fussy stitch for the slot
then stitch around the edges and done!

and this little dishcloth is coming along too.
little by little I will get it all done I guess
need to find another color
for the guys

these are for the "losers" for the games
my take on the saying "all washed up"
I will pair a soap with a cloth and tie 
a ribbon on it

more reunion fun!
I want to be done with the reunion tasks 
BEFORE mid May
lets see how I do!


Julierose said...

You have a whole "herd" (?? is that the term??)
of piggy cute...hugs, Julierose said...

Love your piggies, and how cool to have so much completed. Mid May I say you are right on target?

barbara woods said...

you do so much and work to, i am amazed