Saturday, April 2, 2016

trying to spruce up

ever try and get winter out of your house by washing and putting away 
ah hem........ CLEAN blankets and quilts?

yeah, not around here.....
once they some out of the dryer
and you start folding them
this is what you find

a bad kitty sleeping snugly 
in the nice warm clean quilt
cant say as I blame is cozy and comfy........

these guys were back
it is so funny
our houses are not far apart
and they RUN from the woods toward the road in the park
and then you hear the clickety click of their hooves on
the pavement
sometimes I hear it on my driveway
and Dunkin and I will look out to see...........

three white butts running into the woods
they must be very hungry as they have been around
almost every night at dusk
my brother says they like hostas
I was thinking of planting hostas under
my little tree. 

they better leave my blueberries alone
if they know what is good for them
last year they ate all my petunias
and lilacs
and I think the marks in the garden 
is either them or squirrels looking
for bulbs
I should have a TON of daffodils in back
I planted over 50 of them
and yet I have maybe 6-8 tops 

this is another "doo" the hairdresser gave me at one time
this one is closer to what I want
but in the gray version LOL

trying to spruce up round here and let winter
rest and bring on the Spring and Summer weather
cant wait to cook outdoors and do some gardening


Julierose said...

Like your new "do"...have a fun weekend....hugs, Julierose said...

Yeah we have a lot of deer around here, but for some reason we don't see many near our house, but 1/2 a mile away there is a herd of about 30. I keep thinking it is time to spruce up for spring then we get another cold snap.

barbara woods said...

like that do!