Saturday, April 2, 2016

April plans

using this cute mugrug as I type
love those cute hearts
I keep a pile of them in the desk so I can
switch them out and let hubs use some too
he likes them which is good for me
saves on extra messes

I ironed a marathon ironing session.......
got everything in the closet
later on will purge some clothes that dont fit or
look quite right

put binding on this.........

and this for reunion.......just have to hand stitch

need to catch up with circles

and plan garden areas

and shades and curtains for bedroom
I think I may want a Pop of the green
either in a small pillow or lampshades
or end table toppers

need more of these.
seems they all like that idea for prizes

and gotta finish 2 more letters so I can make the back of this quilt 
and get er done.....

what are YOU up to for April???

4 comments: said...

I need to make a plan. I feel like I accomplish more that way. Wait did you get a new iron? Is it the one that the feet come out when you set it down? Do you love it?

barbara woods said...

if it's good i want to know what you gave for the new iron

sewyouquilt2 said...

Collette and Babs- it is a new iron as mine is on its last legs but hasnt died yet. I got it for Christmas (from Dunkin and Pheebes) I had a gift card for Joannes for 25 and it was on sale for 99. I have not used it yet as my other one is still other one is a Rowenta and about 7 yrs old

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I love how you know what you're going to work on. I've started making lists. It's sad I can't get to everything but it's a great reminder of what I should be doing!