Friday, April 29, 2016

working in circles

I am trying to catch up on my circles for April
it has been a little nutty here lately
with tons of things to do
and not enough hours in a day

but I continue to do a little each day
and at least make progress

hoping the weather will cooperate so I can get this
flower bed cleaned out and ready for the summer
I bought some more things to put in there
yeah I know. my flower addiction is as 
bad as my fabric one! LOL
but I got some astilbe, another white clematis,
and hostas for under the small tree
that way the bird seed that falls doesnt look messy

this did progress a little. it is quilted ready for binding. 
that will be a quick finish at least

I think I need to regroup a little so I can finish up
some more little things by Saturday
what? last minute you say?
I LOVE pressure LOL
what are you finishing for April?

3 comments: said...

Oh I like your geeky glasses fabric. How cute! You are a brave lady, it is a wee bit too cold for me out there to clean up. Your little purple quilt is looking fabulous though. I am not going to get a darn thing done this month. :(

barbara woods said...

it always helps to sew no matter what your problems, hugs

Julierose said...

Oh I do love Astilbe--especially the light pink-ey ones with the deeper pinks...yummy. I want to get some for my shady nook off our deck this year...."get your geek on"--glad you can use that fabric hugs, Julierose