Tuesday, May 31, 2016

another bag for the reunion box

FINALLY more progress
I had this guy all cut out and ready to stitch
so I sat and stitched it up
love that rose lining peeking out hee hee

red 2 1/2 inch squares for the front and back

and a reddish zipper
another one bites the dust!

Monday, May 30, 2016

please help me I'm fallin............

anyone know that song? 
Please help me I'm fallin.........in love with you
it is appropriate in more ways than one for this project
I am falling from doing what I SHOULD be doing
these are "tumblers"
and I am also falling in love with my tumbler quilt
these are strips I think 32 tumblers wide?
anyway, I wanted some mindless stitching
and I had a tin full of twosies, then foursies, then 8
and decided to make them into 32 tumbler rows
I have not stitched any of the rows together.
they are just strips of 32 tumblers so far
I may need a larger container for them
(isnt it supposed to get SMALLER the more you stitch? hmmm
must be doing something wrong LOL)

see? the tin overfloweth

but I did make some progress
and I did have fun
and I DO love it
not sure how wide this one will be
but at least for now the rows can be mixed and matched to separate out the like fabrics
at least that is what I am telling myself

see Babs what you started?
yeah YOU  talking about your tumblers etc.........
ha ha

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

hope everyone enjoys the weekend and thanks
our veterans who fought for our

Friday, May 27, 2016

my messy garden

this is what the front garden looks like
I have not had a chance to get in there and weed yet
but from the road it looks good LOL

here lets get closer. this is the tower thingy I 
got this winter. I like it!
I didnt get enough impatiens to fill the 
holes in back but that is fine
as long as they fill in the front I am not worried
the pipe like thing at the top is where you 
water and feed from
I fed them last night so hoping it will 
make them grow
they have grown a lot in a week since I planted it
love the pop of color in there

see? they are filling in nicely
the iris are wild and so so  pretty
I love the deep color
and yes those are fake flowers in my wishing well
I want to get some black plastic and staple it inside
and plant something that hangs in there

so so purty
I am smitten with these guys

I saw that my lilac was done blooming so last night
when I was watering and feeding I cut off the blooms
now I just need to get a saw to cut off the dead branches to 
shape it a little before it sets out the flowers for next season

this gardening stuff is a little more complicated 
than people think
off to prune the roses..............

garden is looking good so far

my bunny is protecting these little lillies
if I remember right these were a 
pretty yellow color and so so pretty

and the herbs are looking good so far
one in the back died
so I will replace it but the rest
are thriving and smell so nice
ever hear of pineapple sage?
smells like pineapple! I kid you not
I have dill, sage, lemon balm, lemon sage
oregano in here

and this little guy is getting bigger too
I am sure not as big as Jackies
we will see how it does............

Thursday, May 26, 2016

is purple the new black?

OH MY I am soooo happy with my iris this year.....
look at these beauties!
these guys have 3-5 buds on each stalk
on every one!
I guess they like coffee too

see? see how purty?
I love the deep color

these purple phlox are coming up this year
last year they were dead
the neighbor has gorgeous ones so I was bummed

more purple pansies

and grape hyacinths

I guess purple is the color for the year
at least at my house it is LOL

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

time to feed the flowers

my peanut butter jar is full of used coffee grinds
you know what THAT means?

it is time to feed the roses..............

and the lillies

they are not in bloom yet 
but I think they like morning coffee

just sayin.................

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

keeping it real

I took your advice and made a yellow
row and a pink row
and a blue row
next will be a red row

and Dunkin was trying to tell me something
Mom this blue........I dont like it here

let me help you take it out

maybe if I roll over and pull it out

then wrestle with it

get out of there you blue

ok maybe if I move the pink too
and put the blue here?

this was the first 5 rows
then I added yellow, pink and blue
so a total of 8 rows
that will only finish at 36 x 44
so I would definitely have to decide
if it will be a baby quilt
or another cat quilt for my brats
or if I needed borders to make it into a small lap quilt
we will see what it wants to be
it worked up pretty quickly
I picked out 11 5 inch charms
of a color
cut them in half
sewed them in pairs
then the pairs into 4s
then 8 etc till they were all sewed
in a row
easy peasy and "kinda planned"
for a scrappy 

stripping again

I am playing with strips again.
if I ask the question "what if"????????
I usually get inspiration

what if I piece them like this potholder............

but then cut out a kite shape and make kites?
wouldnt that make a pretty quilt with 
like 6 huge kites
appliqued onto huge blocks?

oh I can be very dangerous................

Monday, May 23, 2016

another fun strippy scrap idea

sew up some extra pieces of fabrics into a rectangular
ish shape
slice corner to corner

sew another and slice opposite corner to corner

join one of each kind together (makes two)

cut out a leaf shape and voila~
cute leaf potholders in the making for Fall gifts

what are you doing with YOUR scraps?

Sunday, May 22, 2016

other scrappy idea

this is the other idea I have to use up scrappy strips
sew them together and then trim to all one width
like 1 1/2  or 3 inch or a variety 

then cut out some 14 inch blocks
slash at an angle on one side
insert a strip
do another slash
add strip and do a 3rd

I really like this quilt
I just dont have all those solid looking backgrounds
so not sure how it would look with
say all gray background

what do YOU think?
any ideas for me?

Saturday, May 21, 2016

I am working on this instead of what I SHOULD be doing

why oh why do I do this?
no WONDER I have UFOs right?
I am easily distracted
funny I didnt have a problem concentrating on one
thing in school

this is where my string strip project is going
of course I have TONS of strings
but am I USING THEM????
um, nope  what fun is that LOL
I am using up some 5 inch charms
which is also a good thing right?
I am taking 11 squares and cutting them in half
shuffling them and sewing them into strips

and voila~  I almost have a small lap quilt done
I am thiking maybe a row of reds?  blues?
or both to finish it off

I like the way the blue in that orange print shows up
here and there.
a serendipity kind of thing

what are YOU working on?
I know what I am SUPPOSED to be working on......

will I ever learn?

Friday, May 20, 2016

more play

while cleaning up some strips and 5 inch charms I found these
little triangles all cut out
I dont even remember cutting them
but I quickly sewed them into a small table mat

and I found these guys all cut too
and sewed them into a kite centerpiece as well

so as soon as I get backing I can make these into
a set of 2 centerpieces for the reunion box

(doing the river dance steps here with a happy heart!)

WHAT?  WHAT quilt am I supposed to be working on?
hee hee

Thursday, May 19, 2016



hey YOU...............YEAH YOU

Can you keep a secret?
I challenged my friend in quilting........
we have till August to make a quilt (or top)
using strips
this will be a challenge for both of us as 
we have enough fabric to cover the United States and then some

not sure if I want to make a scrappy
OR a planned scrappy like Dunkins quilt above

strips of the same color family
made into a quilt
I have been busy
and have a plan
it involves 11 fat quarters of each color family

we will see where this idea goes...........but I am excited
I cant show you more
probably showed you too much already! LOL
(but I wont have you done in........I love you guys!)

and this was a "play with charms" too
had a purple one out and some 2 1/2 inch strips of the lighter purple
so I sewed them together
this may be another idea in the works
I fell in LOVE with Julies quilt here

but I dont have any white or off white that I can use
so I was playing

(tapping foot with hands crossed)
but every now and then a gal needs to play right?

oh, and for secrets.............
just found out that my niece got engaged
while on vacation in Disney
she is so cute. she called me last night
and said Auntie I had to tell you
because my sister wants to post it on facebook
and I wanted you to know first.
how sweet is that?
she is a cutie pie and he is a nice young man
who is a go getter and not afraid of work
so there are secrets all around here lately..........
but this one is still secret ok?

dont tell Jackie!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

this little guy just needs backing

remember this baby quilt?
yeah I never finished it
I think because I didnt have an aqua backing
for it that I wanted

time to rethink
and get er done.......

maybe someone at the reunion would like a cute baby quilt?
I MUST have some kind of blue I can use...........
even if I piece the back

Monday, May 16, 2016

what I m working on now

this little sweetie of a quilt
needs to get done
the top is finished

and some of the letters for the back are done
I will be spelling "what reunion"
and then at the bottom putting the date on it

this will be a prize for the oldest attendee
the "what reunion" a pun on being old LOL
then I need to find some fabric to put the letters 
into and then quilt the quilt in simple lines
then bind and put it in the box

I am thinking I MAY wrap it like a gift
with the card saying to the oldest attendee

we will have I think
the oldest, youngest, travelled the farthest
and we were trying to think of a few others
to do

we will see..........
so much still to do and time is a marching on........

and this little guy needs to be finished into a hotpad
or potholder

I am torn between making it for me
or the reunion
since my Aunt that passed away grew strawberries
and she was the one that kept telling my cousins and me
that we should have a reunion

maybe I should give it away in memory of
Aunt Arlene
we will see........