Sunday, May 15, 2016

busy busy Saturday

I started out my Sat at 9am picking rhubarb 
with my sewing buddy
then I needed to go to Lowes to get my flowers so
asked if she wanted to be my partner in crime

she says hey, do you think you can use these brick
borders? I said UM YEAH!
(and tried to sound not TOO enthusiastic)
so we loaded my car and hers and brought them to my house

my brother in the am gave me some hosta
which I have wanted for under this tree
did I say FREE?
her hubs and she and I got the border around the tree
(mostly her hubs while we supervised LOL....a little more
to the left....etc)
doesnt it look purty???
I mean really........

here......take a closer look..........

and I can see it while I do dishes.......
its the little things you know?
love it!
then I had to plant things because we
were going to get rain
so out came the tower I got
(once I figured out the stupid directions
and got it put together)
it was ahem.........easy.......
easy to fill with soil and the tube at top
holds the water and food to feed it throughout
the year
smart invention
that could be made with piping with holes
and a circular tower with holes to plant

I cant wait till they take and bloom

I think the hotpink and other pinks should
look fabulous

and while I was here lookie what I saw..........
a pretty purple iris ready to burst into bloom

and more of them on the other side too
I am a happy gal
last year had one
and divided them in the Fall

they almost need dividing AGAIN
and if I do, I will remember my friends.........
so they can plant in the Fall

these guys are still going strong........
Hi Gram!

and the tower this year is just herbs
too hot in this area for the impatiens
dont mind the grassy weeds in front
they are now history.......LOL

and the rest of the herbs hanging out with the tomato challenge
oh, whats the white thing in the back you say?????

well that is my DEAL OF THE DAY
I got a rocker for the patio 
I have been wanting one
saw wood ones for 100
then 50
and then this plastic one for 35
DEAL!  I ran out of the store
before they caught me! too good of a deal for sure
didnt want them to change their mind

and I also got............
be still my heart
some lavendar
I tried planting from seed
no luck
I am hoping this year I can make it establish
in the little corner

these guys are still showing off

and Jackie lookie!  my tomato
still green
still growing
but not as big as yours
boo hoo..........

and I never dug up my glads. you think Mom is saying Hi???
they were her favorite flower
I never heard of them coming back up
my Mom used to take the bulbs out and dry them
we will see what happens
I THINK they are glads anyway

and I got my mosquito plants
15 bucks a piece
I am a happy girl

you can see the soil in the back so even after all this work I have more to do........
but I was a happy tired gal!

3 comments: said...

Wow your gardening got a long way. Love your gift bricks and your hostas under the tree. Can't wait to see everything as it fills out.

barbara woods said...

you have got it looking great

Julierose said...

Your garden is looking so pretty!! I love that herb tower you made--I may do that for my little front seating area as it gets a lot of sun...great idea....loving those bricks and hostas--lovely...hugs, Julierose