Thursday, May 26, 2016

is purple the new black?

OH MY I am soooo happy with my iris this year.....
look at these beauties!
these guys have 3-5 buds on each stalk
on every one!
I guess they like coffee too

see? see how purty?
I love the deep color

these purple phlox are coming up this year
last year they were dead
the neighbor has gorgeous ones so I was bummed

more purple pansies

and grape hyacinths

I guess purple is the color for the year
at least at my house it is LOL

4 comments: said...

You need columbine! I started out with one plant now I have it all through my garden. Love the purple iris.

barbara woods said...

love that color , all i have is white , yellow and purple

barbara woods said...

my purple isn't that dark!

Julierose said...

Love your purple flowers--all shades, too!! I didn't plant pansies this year and never did do phlox before---my purple iris are just edging out a it is 86 degrees here, perhaps they will venture out now...I hope you have a terrific Memorial day weekend--we will be quiet here and I hope to finish sewing those darn--oops-- lovely blocks lol hugs, Julierose