Saturday, May 7, 2016

May goals

from this "mistake"
I was trying to make a green wreath type dresdan
and didnt realize sewing at 4am
that I had used blue in there
so it was a block I abandoned

reunion time and I said hmmmmm this would make a cute
table topper
so I sewed and grabbed some green tumblers
and I sewed and found
a cute sunflower batik piece in the stash
and declared it done
then quilted it
just waiting for binding now.......

these guys are still in my UFO blocks pile
I will have to revisit my 2 1/2 inch blocks 
and see if I have more colors that I can
make a rainbow quilt

this guy just needs a back
and to be quilted up
it may be a quick finish for the reunion too
I may need to make some gifts for the gals on the 
committee who have helped me plan this out

I get a lot of help around here as you can see........LOL
but at least he is not IN to things right?

I now have a pink one of these and a yellow one almost done
I will try and find the green and blue yarns to make a total
of 4
they are the "all washed up" prizes

I may need to tidy up and cut more tumblers

and I definitely need to get to the gardens
when it stops raining..............
I will lose my tomato challenge! LOL

any ideas as to what I can make with these? I have some in 
pink, blue, yellow and green
I am not sure if I should stiffen them into baskets?
or make a pillow with them attached?
or just keep as doilies?  does anyone use them anymore?
I use quilted runners but I may need to rethink

AND if you can think of how I can make some ribbons
as prizes such as
ribbon for the one with most kids
ribbon for the one with longest hair
ribbon for oldest female
oldest male

I am trying to figure out how to make some fun things like that
if you know of a link or how to do them please let me know........

that may be the next quick project I do.....


barbara woods said...

so busy!
I wish i had your engery said...

I told you how to handle the tomato challenge. Obviously I am an old soul. I use doilies.

sewyouquilt2 said...

I love them but dont have many places in my home to use them. I think they are so pretty.

Carol said...

My daughter uses doilies on her tables but she has country decor and loves using her grandmothers doilies that she made...a thought can you tack them together and make a tablecloth with them????