Friday, May 6, 2016

more projects finished and started

with all that was going on the end of April
I got a little behind in things all over the place
this guy I grabbed and quilted up
I just need to find a green for binding
or a yellow that will go

simple quilting just to hold the layers
and this will be another one done for the reunion
I think I am going to need a bigger box! LOL

this guy was a quick finish..........

so I cut out more blades to make another one
there is also one ready to sew backing and batting on
maybe I can make about 8 or so of these. they make
great table toppers and I think would be nice
prizes for the adults who play the games

then I have to work on the quilt
(notice how I have put it off for this long?)
I feel as though I have enough for the boxes so 
anything now is extra so to speak
if I make more baby bibs and burp cloths- great
if I dont, thats fine too

coming around the stretch for reunion planning
now the shift will be food and drinks for everyone
and making sure the tent is ordered etc.
July will be here before you know it!


Julierose said...

You are really moving along quickly...wonderful prizes for the reunion. Hugs, julierose said...

The quilt turned out lovely.

barbara woods said...

you move mountains!