Friday, May 27, 2016

my messy garden

this is what the front garden looks like
I have not had a chance to get in there and weed yet
but from the road it looks good LOL

here lets get closer. this is the tower thingy I 
got this winter. I like it!
I didnt get enough impatiens to fill the 
holes in back but that is fine
as long as they fill in the front I am not worried
the pipe like thing at the top is where you 
water and feed from
I fed them last night so hoping it will 
make them grow
they have grown a lot in a week since I planted it
love the pop of color in there

see? they are filling in nicely
the iris are wild and so so  pretty
I love the deep color
and yes those are fake flowers in my wishing well
I want to get some black plastic and staple it inside
and plant something that hangs in there

so so purty
I am smitten with these guys

I saw that my lilac was done blooming so last night
when I was watering and feeding I cut off the blooms
now I just need to get a saw to cut off the dead branches to 
shape it a little before it sets out the flowers for next season

this gardening stuff is a little more complicated 
than people think
off to prune the roses..............

3 comments: said...

Pretty I wasn't too sure about your tower but it is looking great.

barbara woods said...

love your tower , i buy those flowers every year to fill a metal planter my Daughter-in-law got me for Mother's day years ago

Julierose said...

Just love those dark iris--they look almost black--really pretty...hugs, Julierose