Wednesday, May 4, 2016

no time for sleeping

my friend who quilts gave me another challenge
I have the same two tomato plants as her hubs
and the challenge is to see who gets tomatoes
first and best

now THAT is a lot of pressure for this ole farm girl
you know?

I sent her the copy of the pic above and said
I have tomatoes already.
(such a white lie) LOL

but once I get settled with hubs and
get things done round here
I will plant them in containers 
and get busy babying them

maybe I will be able to find time to sit on the patio

last years tomato was cute
we will see how I do

wish me luck guys!

hubs is home so now to get appointments scheduled
and things back on track

hopefully I can still blog daily
need some quilty fun too!

3 comments: said...

LOL Love your contest. I want a cherry tomato for the patio.

Julierose said...

Good luck--I haven't even gotten mine yet--ach!! hugs, julierose

barbara woods said...

good luck dear , wish you all the best