Tuesday, May 3, 2016

rainy day walk

I took a walk in  my yard as I wait to hear
news about hubs. he says he is coming home
today so I am waiting at home to hear
these little solar lights are so darned cute.
Rite Aid has a 50% off sale so I got 8 of them
for 15.00
and the other night after I installed them into the ground
I could not wait to see them light up
so so cute and helpful when coming home in the dark

and when I was looking at them I noticed I have some phlox
on one side of the tree
last year it didnt do anything
but a couple little places it is up and looking good

and I saw some tulips in between the daffy greens
(note to self you really should deadhead before taking pics LOL)

another little tulip so cute

and last year I put the wayward violets and 
grape hyacinth under here
this year I planted hosta and astilbe under here
we will see how they do
I just want a cover so the birdseed wont
look as messy here

the back garden has more jonquils and daffys
and looks like bleeding heart came back
after the great tree felling

so so cute.
Hi Aunt Jessie!

I still have not found a suitable elephant for back here
Maybe I need to find an elephant and a 
strawberry LOL
this is my back shady garden so not too sure
how I will plant it yet

one garden at a time I guess right?
each year I add more and more until hopefully
the perennials come up on their own
and fill in nicely

kinda rainy and dreary here today but thats ok
God gave me a little sunshine in my walk around the yard


Julierose said...

Hope all is going well; love your rainy day walk photos...my Bleeding hearts are coming up too. I LOVE that plant!! Most of my daffs are gone by...and my tulips, too. Hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

did he get to come home?

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Love your solar lights. Your garden is coming along nicely.