Sunday, May 15, 2016

rhubarb picking

look at those leaves........
Hi Jackie! LOL
that building behind her is the chicken coop
it is not being used at the moment as 
my brothers have been building a cabin
up in Maine so are not home much

last year there was a deer here
now it is a bear
my brothers use it for shooting practice
yeah they are hunters
and eat the meat they hunt

I guess bear is big in Maine so they are practicing
as they are darker and harder to see
and shorter from the ground unless they stand up

a good day of rhubarb picking
I got 2 large zipags full in the freezer all peeled and cut
ready for my recipes

then I mowed the lawn
went to Lowes and got my flowers
planted impatiens in my tower thingy
put the mosquito plants near the steps
planted many pots and the other tower
with herbs
lemon balm, dill, Italian oregano
thyme, rosemary
I think I got cilantro too
I know Jackie and I were looking at a ton of them
they were 4-10 or 2.50 each
and we both like to cook and can
so we will share the goods
how many of you have a quilting friend
that can hunt bear, make jelly,
pick rhubarb
she can do it all! 
thanks Jackie for being my partner in crime
most of the day 
hope you enjoy
your rhubarb jam


Julierose said...

Nice haul...and you got planting done--good for you hugs, Julierose said...

I am envious of your rhubarb. We are too cold to do a whole lot outside.

barbara woods said...

Love all your planting, hugs