Monday, May 16, 2016

what I m working on now

this little sweetie of a quilt
needs to get done
the top is finished

and some of the letters for the back are done
I will be spelling "what reunion"
and then at the bottom putting the date on it

this will be a prize for the oldest attendee
the "what reunion" a pun on being old LOL
then I need to find some fabric to put the letters 
into and then quilt the quilt in simple lines
then bind and put it in the box

I am thinking I MAY wrap it like a gift
with the card saying to the oldest attendee

we will have I think
the oldest, youngest, travelled the farthest
and we were trying to think of a few others
to do

we will see..........
so much still to do and time is a marching on........

and this little guy needs to be finished into a hotpad
or potholder

I am torn between making it for me
or the reunion
since my Aunt that passed away grew strawberries
and she was the one that kept telling my cousins and me
that we should have a reunion

maybe I should give it away in memory of
Aunt Arlene
we will see........

2 comments: said...

Getting to the finish line on your reunion projects. How about who has the most grand children, great grandchildren? Who has the most immediate family members there. Mom, second cousins...etc.

krislovesfabric said...

You are a busy gal! Love the cutie strawberry :)