Wednesday, May 4, 2016

working while I wait

as I wait for hubs to come home I decided to 
do a little project I have been waiting to get done
I had a ton of cookbooks and hardly use any of them
much anymore
this is the "after" LOL
BUT it feels good to get the rest cleared out
and I will do another pass at it later on in the year
for now it is neater and less cluttered

I also pulled out this to find a backing so I can batt it
and quilt it up

my blueberries have come back up
so now I can empty the other containers
and refill with fresh soil
(I hadnt marked them and they die down so 
didnt know which ones I could throw out)

so cute
I am hoping I get at least one little blueberry this year
gotta research how to feed them
and make them nice and strong
what are you up to today?

3 comments: said...

My blueberries came up too. I hear that they need sandy soil, and don't like their feet wet. Good job cleaning up your cook books.

Julierose said...

Love those "Favorite family Recipes" binders--how lovely they look all sorted and back in place (I Won't show you my shelf!! All mine are so worn and thumbed--guess that means the recipes were good lol). cute BB bushes--didn't know you could grow them in pots...hmmmm
and another one goes on the list (to the tune of "And---another one bites the dust hahaha")
hugs from rainswept CT Julierose

barbara woods said...

I heard some where that you need male and female plants for blueberry's