Thursday, June 30, 2016

tumbling fast

Babs, here are my tumblers. I had started to cut them out
a while ago when I had pieces of fabric
and made a little pile
at first I thought I wanted all greens and blues
but then as I had pieces that fit the template I cut them
I stashed them in my drawer of the sewing machine cabinet
and every time I go in there to rip out a seam
or get a new needle they were staring at me
calling to me LOL
(I could hear them! Dawnieq......Dawnieq........haha)

I only have a few cut and I sewed them up
just because I can
(I needed them to be quiet and leave me be)
my hand is in the second pic to show you the size-
they are different from the little ones I am also doing

I have a vision of the center part of the quilt in these large
tumblers and a border of the tiny ones.
I will see if I can make it work out mathematically
if not, I will just add more tumblers or
a plain border
but that is quilt 8,098,986,855,654,432 waiting to be worked on! LOL
only kidding. but I bet I have enough fabric to make that many hee hee

so now lets keep it real
this is what I HAVE to get done
I ended up handquilting it
every 3rd row and now want to add the
binding so I can sit at night and stitch it down
it will go fast once it is attached
then I will see if I want to just straight stitch a line down the borders or not
I will hopefully get to wash and dry it and show it better than this
3am picture in my sewing room on the ironing board

and reunion preparations are still taking place
this popcorn was 2 dollars for a large bag
and this will be for a game
you take a plastic cup and make a tiny hole with a pen or something in the bottom
then you take an elastic and a paperclip and put the elastic 
on the paperclip
push the paperclip thru the hole and attach it inside the cup sideways so the
elastic when tugged doesnt come out of the cup
the kids will put their shoe thru the elastic so that the cup
sits on the top of their foot
then at go they will run to a spot with a box full of popcorn,
have to with just their feet fill the cups with popcorn
then run back to the beginning
without spilling the popcorn.
first one back with popcorn dumped into their box wins.
Luckily our family doesnt take much to be entertained
we have simple things made into games for fun
I just hope with all my delays and lack of sleep
I can have fun and have everything finished too.
what are you up to ?
anyone else have any fun plans for the 4th?
I am hoping to SLEEP on the 4th after this party on the 3rd 
for those who asked - hubs is doing ok.
he is in so much pain that they keep dismissing as
neuropothy with nothing they can do
I think his disc is acting up so we are trying to 
get the dr to do an MRI and get the problem solved
he cant live in pain 24/7 with the heavy pain meds 
he is on
it is crazy! but sometimes doctors dont listen
so I brought him into ER and had them do testing
they did catscan and said he may have a pinched nerve
you think?
we will get that resolved soon too. of course yesterday 
was his regular doctors day off so hoping they call him today
and get things rolling
whatever happened to doctors who didnt care about the money
but cared about the patient? I miss those days............

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

busy behind the scenes

sorry for the short non quilt post
hubs and I spent most of the night
at the hospital
he is home now but I am beat with less than 
an hour sleep

my tomatoes have grown a lot
since the photo above
there are a lot of tomatoes on the vines 
which makes me happy
cant wait to pick a red one!

this mess is actually game stuff
yeah we play with junk you may throw away LOL
the dish soap containers will help to 
squirt water into cups for a game
the kleenex boxes will get
"straps" on the sides to tie onto you
so that you can "shake" out some
pingpong balls

not a good picture but you can see my scraps come in handy LOL

more boring reunion prep 

I promise you I will have some new sewing soon

Babs got me hooked on large tumblers. 
I forgot I had the template!
bout time I use it huh?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

more Christmas inspiration

I definitely want to make more of these plates this year
that was so fun to bake cookies and pay it forward
with the plate
I got a plain plate at the dollar store
and some Sharpie paint pens
you write on the plate
and bake it at 200 for half hour
let it cool in the oven then take it out
it bakes into the plate
it is a hand wash only plate but so so fun
kiddos could make special plates as gifts
and for little cost as they could be baked together
how cool to get a handdrawn plate
made by a special little one

these are on the list too
maybe for the gals I work with
I never know what to get them
work always gives us a Yankee candle so that would look
nice in the center of one of these too

I asked Phoebe for some help thinking
of ideas
she soon got tired

Dunkin was no better at ideas for Mommy

but once I started to try and implement some of them.
he woke up and tried to get in
he hates when I dont let him in the sewing room

this idea is on the back of the brain too
I may even make it using 5 inch squares
and gasp do the math for the other parts LOL

Miss Jenny Doan
yeah you know her dont you? that enabler from Missour Star Quilt company?
yeah, she made me buy a ton of these
MADE me..........
thats my story and I am stickin to it!

Monday, June 27, 2016

yahoo I finished it!

I FINALLY found something in the stash 
for the binding on this
so this morning 
after I rubbed my eyes open
and fed the cats
I cut the binding and sewed it on
then sat on the couch and 
handsewed the back
done, done, done.

see how purty?  and to think
this was a block I messed up
and was tempted to throw out
I was trying to make a wreath
out of a dresdan
and in the wee hours of the morning
didnt realize I had pulled
a BLUE check instead of a green one
but I took it and sewed it to a background
made a little tumbler border of greens
found a cute sunflower batik for a border
and backed it in green and quilted it
and there she sat
waiting for just binding

this one is not perfect 
but it matched well enough
and I love it

I really wanted to use something yellow and not green
so I am a happy gal that this one is done and
in the reunion box!

onto the next one
hee hee
this block I LOVE
I bordered it in another pretty blue fabric
I am thinking this fabric will be good enough
for the back
and then hopefully I can bind before Sat

and this one is waiting for binding too
guess I better set the alarm clock ahead a little huh?

what are YOU making this week?

liking up with Beth of lovelaughquilt
and cooking up quilts   here

thinking about Christmas already

I really need to make more of these dishcloths
I love them and want to make some for the nieces 
and not to mention my canning is WAY behind
I need some strawberry rhubarb jam in the cupboard
and some blueberry and other flavors too

can someone please give me a few more hours in the day?

am thinking of making a bunch of bags too
everyone can use them for grocery

and I already have a small stash of baby hats
I take old tees that still have good parts
and I cut them out and stitch them up
wear it out, use it up etc

these were done with tees on sale for .69
yep you got that right
.69 on clearance
they were 3x size so lots came out of them
will take them and donate
to a local hospital for little ones to receive

gotta make more of these too
love how they come out
and are literally FREE

this needs to be cut in half and made into two Christmas table runners
that will be two recipients I can think of........

better get started..........

Sunday, June 26, 2016

more spare parts

I am thinking I should just clean my room
yeah like really clean it and see what I have
these are spare parts that I was playing with a year ago

to see what I liked and how I could put them together

as you can see these blue and pink dresdans just 
wont go away! lol
maybe I should just let them be pink and blue
and be done LOL

instead of fighting trying to make them into something else

these drunkards path blocks are less than 5 inches so again, tiny
I do not want to make more of them 
so they may dictate how large the quilt is
maybe a row by row type thing would do........

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Do you wanna play?

these guys will be showing up soon
I see the tall stalks coming up

this guy I think is gone.
will try and see online what I can do if anything
I miss those pretty purple flowers

another UFO
this was just charms sewn together
to make a baby quilt

love the little animals on some of the squares

Dunkin was trying to find where the birdie went
photo session over HA HA

I forgot I had started one of Bonnie Hunters challenges
I think the problem with this was I was originally
thinking of the green and dark corners
being consistent on all the blocks
but I dont have enough
(see the problem here? it is the fact that I am THINKING right?)
so this is another one of those that I will continue to cut
blocks for and then decide what the corners will be
I wanted to do some sort of dark and light thing
so may need to gasp buy fabric to do it all the same
as my original plan
or not
we will see 
I was saving all my greens and purples and blues for this one
and I think it will be for my bed
Maybe if I have gray in the corners?
needs more time to stew in my head I guess

Friday, June 24, 2016

some reunion stuff

made a ton of one block wonder table centerpieces

worked on the quilt

some cones for an obstacle course

some small beach ball prizes

some sunglasses for shaving cream game

wanna be family???
will try and post after the 4th some highlights of the day
should be a fun one!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

oh fabric how I love thee

so that you have something fun to look at while
I am sewing away I decided to look back at some
quilt tops that need some loving after 
this reunion is over
this started as a self challenge
I took a UFO block
mine was a pink and blue dresdan
the project it was made for was discontinued
and I didnt want the quilt to read
blue and pink
so did a kind of "stay at home round robin" thing
of course it is STILL a UFO 
but one that I love and will finish when time allows
I added black  background and the stark black border
then I pieced a low volume border and I liked it
so then I played with more UFO blocks that were HST
of all colors including some pink and blue
to bring out the center

this guy is also a UFO
I think I need to corral them all up into one place so I 
can then just pull one and finish
I was playing with some 5 inch charms
in shades of blue
and used an aqua dot piece I had
for the background
it will make a baby boy happy someday
so I had better finish it up
I think it stalled for the backing
but I surely have enough blue fabrics
so not sure why I couldnt find ONE I liked with it!

this UFO is very old and really needs to get done
I am thinking of tying this one
I had started it when I lived in the apartment so that is
at least 7 years ago! YIKES
we were making lap quilts one Christmas
for a nursing home and this one
never got done. Phoebe likes this one

this one I think I gave away already. 
this was a pink Oct challenge in our guild for
cancer month
I had good intentions (dont we all)
but it too never got done for its intended purpose
I wanted to donate it for the cause because
my Mom and others in the family 
had cancer. I was going to do some
handquilting in the white areas around the hearts
this started as string blocks half muslin
and half strings
then I appliqued the hearts where the blocks met for interest
I really like the look of the strings and need to make another one
AFTER some UFOs get done

here is this one trimmed......Dunkin I think is trying to claim it
he loves Mommy's quilts LOL

see what I mean? it is like he is saying MINE

and then Phoebe has to get into the act too. 
this UFO I am loving and will love to finish
it for my bed
I love the way the scrappy double 9 patch looks
as a border but I am thinking the math is what
happened here. I dont think the border fit and so
she got stalled
I need to resolve that by adding to or cutting the black 
border to make er fit I think
If I added black (and who knows if I even have more of that fabric)
it may not look bad
but it may end up with more inner borders and then the outer one  to finish
I dont remember how big it is so far
I need to find all her parts and put her together once
the cyclone is out of my sewing room LOL

and I am missing my babies.......
I will see if cutting them back and starting over will help

sometimes I guess we just need a fresh eye to finish up those projects