Thursday, June 9, 2016

brought to you by the letters R and N

making a little progress
R and N were made
and spaced with strips of the grayish fabric
that will surround them

what? you dont see the last N????

it's there........LOL
so this was the most challenging I think of the back
hoping that the rest of it goes ok
I still need to make the backing
find batting
quilt straight line I am thinking
and bind
all before the end of the month
while working 45 hr weeks
and keeping up with house and lawn etc
sleep is widely overrated you know (**wink**)

and this guy is coming along
every spare 5 min I do a row to get er done
I would like 4 of these but if I only have the 3 I will still 
be happy

yeah, YOU CAUGHT me
I was playing in the tumblers
so what?
was thinking of a flag kinda mugrug
not sure if I like or not

but play is good I think!
what are YOU working on?


Charlene S said...

Playing leads to creativity and lets the brain work on other problems w/o you knowing it is working.

barbara woods said...

great work, you have a lot done! is the crochet going to the reunion to?

Rosemary Dickinson said...

You're working on some great projects! Your reunion is going to be so fun! I like your mugrug idea. Very patriotic! said...

Everything is looking fabulous.