Saturday, June 25, 2016

Do you wanna play?

these guys will be showing up soon
I see the tall stalks coming up

this guy I think is gone.
will try and see online what I can do if anything
I miss those pretty purple flowers

another UFO
this was just charms sewn together
to make a baby quilt

love the little animals on some of the squares

Dunkin was trying to find where the birdie went
photo session over HA HA

I forgot I had started one of Bonnie Hunters challenges
I think the problem with this was I was originally
thinking of the green and dark corners
being consistent on all the blocks
but I dont have enough
(see the problem here? it is the fact that I am THINKING right?)
so this is another one of those that I will continue to cut
blocks for and then decide what the corners will be
I wanted to do some sort of dark and light thing
so may need to gasp buy fabric to do it all the same
as my original plan
or not
we will see 
I was saving all my greens and purples and blues for this one
and I think it will be for my bed
Maybe if I have gray in the corners?
needs more time to stew in my head I guess


Julierose said...

Why not just go for scrappy corners--perhaps your fabric is talking to you? hugs, lovely flowers Julierose

barbara woods said...

I couldn't get outside today, to hot so I sewed to

barbara woods said...

I couldn't get outside today, to hot so I sewed to said...

I like Julierose's idea just light and dark corners. Your butterfly bush didn't come back? I have heard in some states they are considered invasive and they cannot be sold.