Saturday, June 18, 2016

dont worry happy

thanks for those of you who were worried where I was.
well.......besides working a 45 hr week
I have been plugging away at the reunion tasks
I made 3 of these "all washed up" prizes for
some losers of games
the blue one I didnt take a picture of.....
I started a green one but if I dont finish it, that is fine too.

Then I went stash diving again and started two pincushions
now to raid for backing and button center and these 
will be done

I HAD to quilt this one up
I just HAD to so into the box you go my pretty
someone may want a wavy flag
to put under their coffee cup

and the backing is just about done
now to lay it on the floor without cats
"I have no design wall"
to see if it is large enough
then on to the batting and quilting of this
shouldnt take too long
(don't want to jinx myself either)
but am thinking of organic quilting the short row across
and then seeing if I have bindings made that I can join scrappy and use

that is part of what is on my agenda this weekend.

along with meeting with a guy who I hope can rescreen my screen room
groceries at 7:30 am
mow the grass
weedwack the edges

you know, the usual womans work is never done stuff
what are YOU up to today?

3 comments: said...

I was getting worried about you too! Cute all washed up prize. Cute flag mug rug! I am relocating coon baby #2 this morning, some pool repair, creating a berm, pond building, planting carrots again, since someone dug up my carrots mining for gold...OMG I need to go back to bed.

barbara woods said...

not all of that , just washing and changing beds and maybe sewing

Julierose said...

None of the above ;000; came down with some stomach buggie--ugh...anyway, kids just left for the beach and Kota and i are snoozin' love this weather...hugs Julierose