Sunday, June 5, 2016

I am worried

these beauties on the side of my house are not green
they are brown
I am so so sick........I hope they are not dying

and this guy? not up yet
I pruned him like I always do
and nothing even resembling green
not sure if it is just this year?

this is what he looked like last year at this time
right now he is a bundle of cut down sticks in brown
(did you notice the 2 different hoses? one white in pic above and
this green one? I now have a black one
seems I cant find one I like)
these two guys were brand new and leaked!

anywho, and this was a beauty until the winter snow
broke off large branches
it too looks sick this year

I may need to do more gardening than I wanted to 

3 comments: said...

Oh no! Maybe because you were cold so long the Butterfly bush is just getting a late start. Last year mine did. The roses I don't have an idea, I have been fighting Aphids.

Julierose said...

Hopefully it's just because of the cold and they will come back. My roses were all brown last year; I slashed them back drastically down to the main canes and replanted them....they are greening out this year. But mainly, i think it's just been so cold and windy this year that everything is so hydrangea is still looking sick, but just leaving it to Mother Nature to decide its fate....hope your garden improves...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

My problem is something is eating my roses! Daughter got me one for Mother's day and i had it sitting on the porch and something eat it down to a nub!