Wednesday, June 22, 2016

more fabric love

do any of you save little scraps? yeah like me
I cant bear to part with them
so I save them and sew them up
into "new fabric" pieces

no rhyme or reason just mindless sewing

until I see something with potential

and that "lightbulb goes off" in my head

and I am off and running

trying to think of fun ways to use them up
I think I need to make some Fall potholders
just because
I LOVE these leaves
and they are quick and fun to do

I also found pics of this little baby
this was an experiment in taking a printed fabric
and cutting out 4 squares in the exact same spot of the print
and then rearranging the squares into a 4 patch
with a design you like
they all look different but are of the same fabric

see? really cool
but I only had a little piece of fabric to play with
and then it had red and green and I didnt want it to
look "Christmassy"
so it too was stalled
I am thinking I need dark green

to set these in

and make whatever size I can
it is a shame to let them sit
they are all so different and fun

I have a stack of them but as you can see they are
about 5-6 inch blocks
so not very big on their own

this was the border fabric I started with
see those bands of different designs?
that is what I played with
fun fun fun!
are you playing with your fabric?

3 comments: said...

Like the squares my SIL made a quilt for the MIL like that.

barbara woods said...

I love all fabric and it has to be very small for me to get rid of it.

Julierose said...

I should've done a scrappy quilt for Cassidy--
this is getting to be a pain...I keep all scraps--even debating about my trimmings--talk about OCD!! I love your little "ideas"
perhaps i should just put it away for a bit....hugs, Julierose