Saturday, June 11, 2016

progress? LOL

I could not help but play
but how cute is this?
I just put it on a scrap of batting that I stitched together
and quilted waves in the flag
now I will look for red, white or blue fabric and keep the odd
shape by sewing and flipping it and anchoring the edges about
an eighth of an inch in 

see? thats where the batting pieces were stitched.
this is all of scrap
and so so cute!
my niece who is moving came over last night
I had some goodies for her
and YES I got her a Keurig
and a swiffer wet
and a trash bin
and laundry detergent
and 20 dollars of grocery items
because I can............
she suggested that she and I got some TEES and 
in red and navy cut them in half
then resew them together with half of each color
then add stars of some sort
with BOSS on the back
she is so so funny
she goes Auntie, that way they cant dispute the winner of the games!

LOVE that girl!
gonna be a busy weekend so if I dont post till Monday dont worry
I am hoping I will just be chained to my machine making more progress.


Julierose said...

Love your waving flag!! Sounds like your niece takes after you...what fun!! Hugs, Julierose said...

That is so cute. Love how it turned out, and the niece has a great idea.

barbara woods said...

Your have a great neise